Metro advertising refers to the promotion of products, services, or brands in metro or subway systems. It involves strategically placing advertisements in various locations within metro stations, on platforms, in trains, or along the walls and corridors of the metro stations. These advertisements aim to capture the attention of commuters and travelers who use the metro system on a daily basis.

Here are some descriptions of different types of metro advertising:


Platform Posters: These are large posters displayed on the platforms of metro stations. They are strategically positioned to attract the attention of waiting passengers. Platform posters often feature visually appealing graphics and concise messages to quickly convey the advertising content.


Train Wraps: Train wraps involve covering the exterior of metro train cars with advertisements. These wraps typically feature eye-catching designs that completely or partially cover the train's exterior, effectively turning the train into a moving billboard. Train wraps offer high visibility and exposure as they travel through different parts of the city.


Digital Displays: Many metro stations now feature digital displays, such as LCD screens or video walls, for advertising purposes. These displays showcase dynamic content, including videos, animations, and interactive ads. Digital displays allow for more engaging and targeted advertising, as content can be changed frequently to capture the attention of commuters.


Tunnel Ads: Metro tunnels present unique advertising opportunities. Advertisements can be placed along the walls of the tunnels, providing a captive audience for commuters traveling between stations. Tunnel ads often use creative visuals and bold messaging to make an impact on commuters passing through the tunnels.


Escalator Panels: Metro stations typically have escalators connecting different levels. Escalator panels are advertisements placed along the sides of escalators, ensuring that commuters have a clear view as they ascend or descend. These panels offer a prime advertising space, allowing brands to maximize their exposure to a large number of commuters.