PVR Cinemas Advertising

LPVR Cinemas is one of the leading cinema chains in India, and they offer advertising services within their cinemas. These services are designed to help brands reach a captive audience of moviegoers and create impactful brand experiences. Here's an overview of PVR Cinemas advertising services:


On-Screen Advertising: PVR Cinemas offers on-screen advertising where brands can showcase their advertisements before the movie begins. These advertisements are displayed on the big screen and can include video commercials, product placements, or promotional messages. On-screen advertising allows brands to capture the attention of the entire audience and create a memorable impact.


Interval Advertising: During the interval break of a movie, PVR Cinemas provides opportunities for brands to display their advertisements. This includes displaying static or dynamic visuals on digital screens placed in common areas, as well as distributing promotional materials such as flyers, samples, or coupons to moviegoers. Interval advertising ensures that brands have the undivided attention of the audience during a designated break.


Lobby Display Advertising: PVR Cinemas also offers advertising opportunities in the cinema lobby areas. Brands can display their advertisements on static or digital displays placed in high-traffic areas, including ticket counters, concession stands, waiting areas, and entrance/exit points. Lobby display advertising allows brands to engage with moviegoers before and after the movie, increasing brand visibility and recall.


Seat Back Advertising: PVR Cinemas provides seat back advertising options where brands can place advertisements on the backrests of cinema seats. These advertisements typically consist of branding elements, messages, or promotional content. Seat back advertising ensures that the brand's message is in close proximity to the viewers, enhancing their engagement and impact.


Brand Integration and Activation: PVR Cinemas offers brand integration and activation opportunities within their cinema premises. This includes experiential marketing activities, such as setting up branded stalls, interactive displays, or product demonstrations in designated areas. Brand integration allows brands to create immersive experiences and directly engage with moviegoers, leaving a lasting impression.